Year by Year Marketing Analytics Comparison

We meticulously monitor all of our SEO projects for changes in their Google Analytics for clues as to what is working and what requires more attention. We often compare monthly changes by year, and at the end of the year, we like to see our progress and determine how much value we provide.

Here is a good example of one particular client's data, comparing 2012 to 2013. This is a real client and this is real data. We took over the account in April and by the end of May we had redesigned their site and were in the beginning stages of their SEO program.

How to choose the right Content Management System

And a Few Great Suggestions

The most fundamental component in choosing the right content management system ( CMS ) for your project, is understanding your needs.  Choosing a CMS is a lot like picking a tool out of your toolbox, depending on what you are trying to build, different tools provide more value.  Are you trying to build a fast, inexpensive "Corporate Presence" or blog?  Do you have many different types of content with unique properties?  Do you need a shopping experience or ecommerce?  Are you building a social network?

Website Maintenance and Updates

Today's Websites are a complex symphony of different technologies that depend on vast ecosystem of services and systems working together in harmony.  Like every piece of complex technology, you must maintain your Website to ensure proper function and reduce exposure to security risks.  Technology and security are constantly evolving, without a proactive strategy, eventually the code that makes your Website work will soon leave you verlnerable.

When your Website doesn't work the way it is supposed to, your company looks bad and your visitors go elsewhere.  

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