Why choose Drupal for your nonprofit organization?

Non-profit organizations have a lot of similar needs to other businesses when it comes to their Website.  They need to establish their brand, they need to increase revenue, they need to keep the public informed about updates, changes, and events.  But in a lot of ways, non-profits have some special considerations.  And this is what makes Drupal a great platform for Non-profits.

How to choose the right Content Management System

And a Few Great Suggestions

The most fundamental component in choosing the right content management system ( CMS ) for your project, is understanding your needs.  Choosing a CMS is a lot like picking a tool out of your toolbox, depending on what you are trying to build, different tools provide more value.  Are you trying to build a fast, inexpensive "Corporate Presence" or blog?  Do you have many different types of content with unique properties?  Do you need a shopping experience or ecommerce?  Are you building a social network?

Safer Ecommerce for Smaller Merchants

Building an ecommerce site has become remarkably trivial over the last five years.  The proliference of open source shopping carts and turn-key merchant processing means that retailer can now run a powerful retail Website.   This combination is intoxicating as smaller merchants have rushed to compete with Internet Goliths like Amazon.  The idea of a 24 hour sales machine can make the average small business owner salivate.

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