Build Lasting Inbound Marketing

Building a spectacular Website is just the first step to growing your business online.  One of the most effective ways to attract visitors to your site is through Search Engine Optimization.

Search traffic is often the most valuable traffic.  But the promise of higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates leads many companies down a dark path of shady tactics and ineffective strategies.

Scott Sawyer Consulting has developed strategies for improving your search engine results using "White Hat" SEO techniques.  We study your site, market, and research your keywords and optimize your message to address the your customer's queries.

Our strategies follow best practices as published by Google and many of our customers see great improvement, increasing traffic up to 50% or more in some cases.

We do not over promise your final search engine rankings, and will provide honest, detailed information regarding our strategy and expected results. 

Targeted Content

Most businesses weigh the technical side of SEO heavily, expending the majority of their resources on what may be the least important aspects of achieving high search engine rankings.  Developing and organizing content is the most essential step to creating an effective SEO strategy.  Not only must the content contain the type of phrases a customer might search for, it must be valuable and digestible by both the user and the search engine.  

On Site SEO

Creating a Website that is search engine friendly is more than just sprinkling a few keywords in the content.  

Rich Text Snippets

We map content to search engine recognized schema, not only helps search engines better understand and rank your site, but gives you more control of how your site appears in the search engine results pages (SERP).

Page Structure

We build each page of your site to give you a leg up over your competition.  We address all of the important SEO factors, from HTML markup to images, video and other media, even URL structure.

Site Performance

We squeeze every bit of performance to ensure your site loads fast, on any device.  A fast site will help you rank better and make your visitors happier.  

Responsive Design

We help you give your visitors the best possible experience when they visit your site, regardless of the size and shape of your device.  See how your site stacks up using Google Search Console's Mobile-Friendly Test.

Site Navigation

Is it hard to find content on your site?  Well, if it's hard for you, it's hard for your visitors.  We'll help your visitors and the search engines find your content and understand the relationship between pages by cleaning up your navigation and URL structure. 

Fix Errors

There are several types of errors that can creep into a site over time:

  • Page not found or other server errors.
  • Spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors.
  • Coding errors, which are harder to spot unless you know how.

We'll locate and resolve these errors, because an error free site is viewed much more favorably by visitors and search engines.

Reputation Management

Building backlinks, reviews, and accurate citations is critical for search engine optimization.  We'll help you build an online presence that the search engines will notice.

Generate Reviews

We've developed a system ( and a WordPress plugin ) to help generate reviews from happy customers, which helps your organization improve your reputation.

Reputation Monitoring

When you're mentioned online, you want to know about it, and respond as appropriate.  We'll monitor not only for brand mentions, but also for related and relevant mentions.

Citation Building

Maintaining your profile on all of the directory sites can be tedious, but absolutely necessary.   Using our software, we'll create, claim, and maintain your citations on over 50 sites.  

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