Professional WordPress Website Services

WordPress is the most installed Content Management System in the world.  It is highly customizable and a great solution for building Websites for just about any business.  

While installing WordPress is relatively simple, building a high performance WordPress site is not so easy. Finding a quality WordPress professional starts here. 

Scott Sawyer Consulting has a team of experienced WordPress developers and provide customization services from custom theming to plugin development.  

Custom Themes

At Scott Sawyer Consulting, we build every theme custom, for every business.  


Each theme is uniquely crafted.  You never have to worry about finding the exact same site somewhere else.  

Purpose Built

Since it is build exclusively for your business, it contains the exact features you need, according to your specifications.


Our themes are just plain faster than most commercial themes because they contain only those components you need.  

Custom WordPress Themes

Custom WordPress Themes

Many business owners find out the hard way that many "Website Designers" simply purchase commercial WordPress themes, install them and put a logo at the top and call it a day, often after paying full price to have a custom designed Website.

The problem is, not all WordPress themes are created equal.  

  • Many themes lack flexibility or suffer from poor coding, making what should be a small change, like creating additional menu items, a frustrating and time consuming experience.  
  • Themes purchased from popular download sites have been sold to hundreds or thousands of other businesses, maybe even your competitor.
  • They often have links to the theme author's site or the site they were purchased from that can't be removed.
  • Some themes contain spam links or other malicious code that can't be removed.
  • Worst of all, there is a market for stolen themes.  A designer builds a theme, someone buys it, and sells it over and over, giving no credit back to the original author.  How would you feel if someone stole your work?
Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Plug In Development

One of the benefits of WordPress is the huge library of plugins that bring additional functionality to your site.  Everything from custom forms to social widgets, there are thousands of free and commercial plugins available to you.

But what happens when there is no plugin that does what you need?  Most "Web Designers" don't have the technical background to build you a solution, so if it doesn't already exist, you are out of luck, or wind up with a maze of half-baked solutions.

When our customers require that additional piece of functionality, our developers roll up their sleaves and build it.

We've built WordPress plugins for:

  • Scraping Google Places reviews and displaying them is a sidebar widget.
  • Accepting and encrypting ( GPG ) secure forms.
  • Uploading and managing files.
  • Much, much more...

If your business requires or would benefit from a more functional Wordpress site, contact Scott Sawyer Consulting and get a quote for a custom plugin.

WordPress Security

WordPress Maintenance and Tuning

Since Wordpress is so popular, it is a common target for cyber attacks.  It isn't that Wordpress is particularly vulnerable, but left unpatched and unmaintained, any software can be exploited.  It doesn't even need to be a well-known site, as these attacks are mostly automated, looking for out-dated plugins and insecure logins.  And they hit you where it really hurts, embarrassing your business with inappropriate images and links, or worse, infecting your visitors computers when they visit your site.  It may be more important to keep your Website updated that even your computers. 

While no security is perfect, the first step to securing your WordPress site is to have a reliable and recent backup.  A quality hosting company ( like us ) will have an automated backup already in place.  However, these can be limited and only store a given backup for a few days.  If your site was hacked, malicious code may be included in your backup, making it useless to you.  

Our WordPress Maintenance Package includes:

  1. Before starting, we make a thorough backup of the site's files and databases. This backup includes a full database export and download of all files on the server, and are stored offline, ensuring no matter what, your site can be recoved fully.
  2. We apply the updates one at a time, clearing the cache to ensure each update applies correctly.
  3. If updating a plugin causes an error, we research the error to determine if there are any known issues and available fixes.  
  4. We will notify you of any additional work to apply any fixes prior to you ensuring any additional expenses.
  5. After all the updates are applied and the cache cleared one final time, we check the basic functionality of the site to ensure the site still works properly.
  6. Once complete, we perform a final backup.

WordPress Security:

  1. All security starts with strong passwords. We use our password generator for all passwords we create on your system.
  2. We remove the WordPress generator tag from your site, which tells attackers whether your site is out dated and vulnerable.
  3. We disable commenting sensibly, so you can continue to receive comments on blogs, but reduce the opportunity for attackers to abuse your comment system.
  4. When SSL is available, we route all of your Website traffic to the encrypted version of your site.
  5. We never store PII ( Personally Identifiable Information ) or credit card numbers on your site.  If you must accept payment, we've developed systems to safely handle credit card and customer information.

Maintenance Packages

Keeping your WordPress site updated and secure has never been easier!  Our Maintenance Packages are the simple and affordable.  Plus, Maintenance customers get huge discounts on other services.  

Pick the right package for you.

  • Pricing Table Header


  • Pricing Table Feature
    Backups daily
    Backup Retention 7 days
    Updates 1 per month
  • Pricing Table Price
  • Pricing Table Header


  • Pricing Table Feature
    Backups daily
    Backup Retention 30 days
    Updates 1 monthly
    Code Repository
    Separate Dev Environment
  • Pricing Table Price
  • Pricing Table Header


  • Pricing Table Feature
    Real-time Backup
    Backup Retention 30 days
    Code Respository
    Separate Dev Environment
    Staging Server
    Automated Testing
  • Pricing Table Price