Branding, Design, Marketing

Our mission was to launch a new company with a new take on an old profession.

Create a brand identity

Consulting and Business Strategy

After listening to our customer, we determined the best way to differentiate their services from the rest would be to serve a niche, and create a brand around that niche.  

Web Strategy

Web Design and Development

We created a highly customized WordPress Website that included custom post types for highlighting athlete customers, landing pages for advertising campaigns, and more.  

The design is bold, and flexible, which providing a lot of editorial flexibility.  The animations are refined and tasteful, and the mobile experience is as smooth as for desktops.

Project Timeline

Logo Design

Logo Design

We started by working with the customer to create a brand message and logo that really captured the essence of their message.

Business Cards

Business Cards

Create a physical identity for the brand to evolve from.


Brochures, Rack Cards, and Flyers

We completed the branding with a full compliment of collateral, including brochures, rack cards for every market, and flyers.

Mobile-First Web Design

Mobile First Website

Knowing that the majority of our visitors will be using their smartphones to access the site, we crafted the site for the best possible mobile experience.

Social Media Design

Social Media Marketing

Building and connecting with an audience as fully branded organization.  We designed and branded all of the social media properties and executed a marketing campaign to build authority in our niche.