Safer Ecommerce for Smaller Merchants

Building an ecommerce site has become remarkably trivial over the last five years.  The proliference of open source shopping carts and turn-key merchant processing means that retailer can now run a powerful retail Website.   This combination is intoxicating as smaller merchants have rushed to compete with Internet Goliths like Amazon.  The idea of a 24 hour sales machine can make the average small business owner salivate.

Support for Wikipedia


Dear Stephen,

Thank you for donating to the Wikimedia Foundation. You are wonderful!

It's easy to ignore our fundraising banners, and I'm really glad you didn't. This is how Wikipedia pays its bills --- people like you giving us money, so we can keep the site freely available for everyone around the world.

Design 1

Desktop Design

The goal was to make a layout that was clean and accessible. The fonts were chosen for their clean lines, legibility, and interest. It highlights our key services with an image slider, and has a focus on social, with our social media links visible in the header, and Facebook Face Pile on the sidebar, as well as a Twitter stream.

McCall Monarchs are on a mission to reach 100% PTA memberships!

 McCall Monarchs are on a mission to reach 100% PTA memberships! You can help us reach our goal. Memberships are just $5.00 and will go to support the million words campaign, school supplies, and even the local high school students with scholarships. In this economy who knew that $5.00 could go so far!

Once we reach our goal the Mayor of Acworth, Tommy Allegood along with the principal of McCall Primary, Thomas Farrell will eat bugs!

Social Media Cotent Strategy - Successful Social Media for the long-term, a Social Media Case Study

Soical Media has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, and is often the subject of much discussion when we talk with clients.  Businesses know social media needs to be part of their overall strategy, but often struggle with how to best manage social media, especially when it comes to content.