We are very proud to announce The Corner Deli, our new brand management platform for franchises.  Taking a successful business and turning it into a successful franchise is a huge step, probably last on your list is how to manage your brand once franchisees buy into it.  But first on your list is probably how to attract new franchisees.  We have developed a solution that will help you with both.

Attracting New Franchisees

With nearly 1 million franchise businesses in the U.S. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franchising ), how do you make your franchise stand out from the pack?  Sure, an attractive Website is a must for establishing creditability, and it must have good SEO so you can be found.  But what are you offering that makes your franchise better than the next one?  What does every business owner really care about?

The answer is value and opportunity for success.   It is not enough to share your secret recipe, and supply some furnishings.  That just won't bring business in the door.  

Whether operating a restaurant or a cleaning service, by providing a custom Website and Marketing tools to your franchisees, you not only help them succeed, you are differentiating your offering from your competition.  And let's face it, it's a lot of work to sell and set up a new franchise, the longer they stay in business, the more money you make.

Brand Management

When you don't offer Website and Marketing to your franchisees, they must fend for themselves.  And if you do provide a Website and they can't easily update the information or it doesn't provide the tools they need, they will build their own.  

You don't want this because:

  • The Brand loses control of it's image and message.
  • It's an unwelcome burden on franchisees 
  • If the franchise closes, how do you take back the site?

Scott Sawyer Consulting has developed a totally customized and optimized set of solutions for franchises to earn more business. Our Franchise Website solution empowers individual franchisees to promote their businesses while the brands retail full control over the image and messaging. By creating a network of sites, each franchisee location is optimized for local search, builds and audience, and manages content independently, without the overhead of maintaining individual sites for each storefront.

Global Branding at a Local Level

Get found in local searches

Search engines want to give their users the best local results, with nearby businesses getting those coveted top spots. Brands that try to manage all of their locations through one corporate site can not achieve the local relevance that a site optimized for that location. With our solution, each location IS local, complete with a local blog, map, store hours, specials and coupons, social media and more!

Franchise Sites with local appeal

Reduced Overhead

With our Franchise Website solution, each location is a separate site as far as the search engines and visitors are concerned, they can even have their own local domain names, but the secret is in the back-end. At the core, there is a single codebase that creates and manages all of the sites in the network.

This is a distinct advantage over building separate Websites for each franchisee. See, when it's time to update, roll out a new feature, or make a company wide change, it's all done in one location, one time, offering significant savings long term, and ensuring nobody gets missed.

Manage your sites in one convenient dashboard. Add and remove users, create and delete sites, update content, it's just a click away.

Even better, there are no per-site fees.  Deploy as many locations as you can sell, it adds no additional or incremental cost.  

Faster Deployment, Easier Content Management

No more waiting weeks or months for that new location's site to go live.  Our solution can deploy a new site in minutes.  When time is money, this adds a ton of value.  With a few clicks, your new site is ready to go and your new franchisee receives their login via email.

Adding a new product or service?  Waiting on overseas developers can take months, that coupon needs to go out today!  

Within minutes, you can change specials, run promotions, change product pricing.  No more missing opportunities.

Internal Communications

One of the challenges we hear about from franchisees and corporations alike is communications.  Our solution goes a long way toward easing internal communications.  When your franchisee logs into their site, their Dashboard is updated automatically with your own internal news.  Announcing a new promotions?  It's right there.

Each franchisee's Dashboard can come equipped with up-channel communications, contact forms, support ticketing, surveys, live chat, or whatever you need.

We put together a few slides to give you a quick overview of what our Franchise Website solution can do for you.  When you are done, be sure to visit our demo sites.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us, and we'll give you a guided tour of the administrative Dashboards and answer any questions.