I am proud to announce our newest product, Rate Calculator (https://rate-calculator.com), the most effective lead conversion tool available for real estate attorneys. 

Real estate law firms spend a lot of time and money on marketing and advertising to drive traffic to their Websites.  However, they have limited options for actually converting that traffic to leads.  A simple "Contact us" call to action is not very convincing.  Most visitors aren't ready to call when visiting the firm's site.  In reality, most just want to know prices.  

Title companies provide firms limited tools, spreadsheets, and calculators that can be embedded in a Web page. While visitors can get closing cost estimates from the tools provided by title companies, they have some major limitations.

  1. Not easy to use, certainly not on a mobile device.
  2. The information is always outdated.
  3. Provide no way to capture leads.

Rate Calculator solves these problems.

Looks great, even on mobile

Rate Calculator is theme agnostic, meaning, it doesn't include a lot of styling out-of-the-box, so it will pick up your theme's styling.  For developers, it provides a lot of hooks to easily customize how it looks.

Additionally, when using the Rate Calculator block, there are quite a few styling options.

Rate Calculator block styling.

The Calculator is designed to be finger friendly and works on any modern mobile phone, tablet, desktop, and everything in between.  No matter what device visitors use, they will get a fast, accurate estimate.

Rate Calculator mobile view

Unlike the confusing spreadsheets or awkward embedded forms supplied by the title companies, Rate Calculator is slick and easy to use.  There is no superfluous information or fields, and it seamlessly blends into your Website styling.  For customers, it's a pleasure to use.  

Always Up To Date Estimates

I've seen a lot of Real Estate firm websites with some sort of spreadsheet or form that is provided by their title company, and most times the information is not up-to-date.  If you do some digging, you can often find the date that it was created, and in many cases, it's several years old.  Nobody likes surprises, especially when something costs more than what you were expecting.  Why aren't these forms updated regularly?

As it turns out, most title companies send closers an updated spreadsheet only once per year.  Many times, the law firm doesn't know how to upload them to the Website.  Maybe the site was built by a freelancer years ago and are no where to be found.  Regardless, having outdated information is bad for customers and bad for business.

Rate Calculator always returns the more up-to-date title estimates because it connects directly to Old Republic Title servers. 

And it's super easy to install and update.  Just upload the plugin and turn it on.  

Install Rate Calculator

After entering your account information, there are a few options to customize the messaging.  Then it can be placed just about anywhere on the Website.

If editing your Website seems intimidating, and you don't already have a relationship with a Web Developer, we provide professional installation services for a very low price.

Capture Leads from your Website Traffic

Rate Calculator finally gives visitors a reason to contact real estate closers.  Replace that generic "Contact Us" call to action with "Get a free estimate" and see how many more customers gladly hand over their contact information.

With Rate Calculator, visitors enter their contact information in order to get a title insurance cost estimate.  And the law firm gets all the details needed to close the deal in a simple email.  

Additionally, the visitor can choose to have their estimate emailed to them, putting the firm's contact information right in their inbox.  To make this email even more effective, firms can customize this email.

Customize Rate Calculator messages

Conclusion: Get Rate Calculator

Is Rate Calculator the best lead capture tool for Real Estate Law Firms?  Undoubtedly.  However, there are some requirements. 

First, your firm must be an Old Republic Title customer.  We may expand to other title companies, if they have the tooling that would allow for us to provide the necessary connections.  If you want to see other providers supported, please send us a message.

Second, your Website must be built with WordPress.  Rate Calculator is a WordPress plugin, so it will not work with other platforms.  If you don't know whether or not your firm's Website is built with WordPress, there is a good chance it is.  WordPress currently powers more than a third of all Websites.  But we are happy to take a look and let you know.  Heck, even if you don't have a WordPress site, it may not be a bad idea to set one up just for your marketing.

With all of the value you can get from Rate Calculator, and the low cost of the subscription, there really is no reason to not get Rate Calculator.  If you are interested, let me know and we can schedule a demo.  Also, be sure to check out https://rate-calculator.com.