Your Website is built using sophisticated software that, like any other software, must be maintained and updated to ensure security and optimal performance.

Every day, hackers and malicious software are exploiting security flaws in Websites.  Some of these attacks make the news, most do not.  

When new security threats are discovered, the maintainers of the software used to create your Website release updates to patch these vulnerabilities.

Not updating your site leaves it open to vandalism, data loss, or worse, attacks on visitors.  

Additionally, other bugs that have been discovered in the code are fixed and performance issues may be resolved.


Our process to updating and maintaining your Website is as vital as the updates themselves.  

  1. Before starting, we make a thorough backup of the site's files and databases.
  2. We apply the updates one at a time, clearing the cache to ensure each update applies correctly.
  3. If updating a module causes an error, we research the error to determine if there are any known issues and available fixes.  
  4. We will notify you of any additional work to apply any fixes prior to you ensuring any additional expenses.
  5. After all the updates are applied and the cache cleared one final time, we check the basic functionality of the site to ensure the site still works properly.
  6. Once complete, we perform a final backup.

This process takes time, but is the safest way to ensure your site is secure and in proper working order.  


A Website maintenance's price is based on the number of modules and the size of your database.  In most cases, a maintenance service will cost $250.  This does not include repairs to any broken modules or features.


A Website maintenance is analogous to a vehicle maintenance.  If you bring a car in for a 60,000 mile service and it turns out you also need a radiator, the mechanic will tell you and provide an estimate.