Our Team works as YOUR team!

Since 2005, Scott Sawyer Consulting has been committed to providing high quality Website solutions to businesses and organizations. Scott Sawyer Consulting is your virtual in-house Design and Development Team.

By focusing on optimal solutions, being budget minded and operating with minimum overhead, Scott Sawyer Consulting delivers solutions at a significant value.

We build Websites that WORK!

Family Night

A Family Company

We believe family is important, and we treat our team like family.  This is why we enforce a strict phone call policy.  After 5pm, the phones stop ringing.

About Working With Us

We are a small, dedicated team.

We think small is good, good for you and good for us. You get the benefit of a direct line of communication with the people who actually work on your project. We get to know you and your organization intimately, and your business is vital to our success. But that also means we are selective in the projects that we take. We only accept projects where we feel we have the greatest opportunity for success.

Our team is local, U.S. based.

Again, we think this is good for you. You get the benefit of clear communication, working in your time zone, and your investment goes back into your community. But that also means we pay taxes, insurance, and licenses, and pay US salaries. Therefore we may not be the cheapest option, though, many times we are. What we provide is value.

Our prices are our prices.

Our rates are very competitive for the level of service and the experience and expertise we provide, and we're worth it. We are a business and a business needs to make money to survive. We think this is actually better for your project, good is not cheap and cheap is not good. Nothing is worse than when your provider closes their doors because they couldn't afford to stay in business.

We want to be a good fit.

When we first discuss your project, there are a couple of things we are considering. The most important is determining if we will work well together. No matter how awesome or lucrative your project might be, if we don't mesh well, we shouldn't work together. We are looking for long term relationships that are mutually beneficial. The foundation of which is mutual respect.

Ethics Matter.

We will not engage in projects that compromise our ethics.  This includes attempts to violate any laws, subvert regulations, belittle, shame, defame or harm another person or organization.  While this has only been an issue a few times, it's an issue we stand strong on.  Another area we won't compromise on is security, if your project involves the collection of private information, such as credit cards, financial data, or personal information, adequate allowances for security must be included in the project.  It's the right thing to do.

No bids.

We don't bid on projects that aren't clearly defined, including realistic budgets. Much of what we do is subjective. If we don't know what your expectations are at the outset, we can't provide a realistic proposal. We want you to get the most value for your investment, but if you are looking for the lowest price, we might not be a great fit.  If you would like an estimate, we'll provide one based what we reasonably consider best practices to achieve your goals.

What we look for in a project:

  • Mutual respect.
  • Good chemistry.
  • Clearly defined goals and requirements.
  • Realistic budgets.
  • Time lines we can accommodate.

If you have a project and would like to see if we're a good fit, please, drop us a line. We'd love to work with you.